Comune di Genova and Duferco Energia have teamed up to bring ELVITEN to the city of Genoa!

The coastal city of Genoa is located in a narrow stretch between the Apennines mountains and the Ligurian sea. Due to its historical past, impressive landmarks and being the busiest port in Italy (and twelfth busiest in the European Union), Genoa has been nicknamed La Superba, or “the proud one”.

The Metropolitan city of Genoa can be characterised completely as hilly with narrow flats near the rivers or brooks, and has been considered coastal mountains. As the sixth-largest city Italy, it is home to over 850,000 residents, with 50% of the urban population concentrated in the city center. It is among the most green cities in Italy and offers its citizens very good public transportation through buses and the underground. The city has LTZ (Limited Traffic Zones) which discourages the use of vehicles. The municipality has also incentivised citizens in the past to purchase bicycles or electric motorcycles. The Comune di Genoa has teamed up with Duferco Energia to bring 10 Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) for shared use.

Citizens interested in testing out of the EL-Vs can download the Duferco Energia app and register for ELVITEN through the app. Upon registration, users can then login to their ELVITEN account and fill out a background questionnaire regarding their mobility habits which grants them access to the ELVITEN network.Users can also access the ELVITEN unifying app using their ELVITEN credentials, for incentives and a better EL-V experience. Once an ELVITEN EL-V is booked, users gain access to the eTricycle and the various charging points located around the city.

Watch the video on our Youtube channel to find out how you can test an ELVITEN EL-V in Genoa!

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