This is a new interview, as part of ELVITEN interview series, in which we present ELVITEN partner – KYBURZ Switzerland AG, their tasks in the project, and views on Electric Light-Vehicles and urban mobility.

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KYBURZ Switzerland AG develops and produces high-quality electric vehicles for delivery companies, industrial companies, municipalities and private individuals.

The original 3-wheeled KYBURZ electric vehicles for postal delivery have become an integral part of the roadscape in many countries. KYBURZ is an international leader in high-quality mobility and transport solutions for the last mile.

Finding pleasure in development while focusing on sustainability and environmentally friendly methods and products KYBURZ Switzerland AG is looking forward to the future and can build on its solid basis of craftsmanship and many years of experience. The warranty for the service and maintenance of its products is one of the company’s highest priorities as well as being an important line of business.

Tens of thousands of proven KYBURZ DXP delivery vehicles are in use in many European countries as well as Australia. This need-based application of reliable and safe vehicles is requested for collection and delivery at low cost of ownership. It is used in many ways and constantly optimized like every product by KYBURZ.

In addition to the delivery of twenty vehicles, KYBURZ’ part in the ELVITEN project is the transfer of data from all kind of vehicles to the ELVITEN cloud platform. Usage data, motion data, or technical data: the KYBURZ fleet box captures available information of all kind of vehicles like e-bikes or Electric Light-Vehicles and transmit them to a server by mobile network. With this technical service KYBURZ provides the data basis for the scientific evaluations and studies within the ELVITEN project.

As a market orientated medium enterprise which employs around 150 people KYBURZ’s motivation to participate in the ELVITEN project has many reasons: The collaboration with an international team of researching scientists may be one. The practical application and ongoing development of the company’s own data transmission system is a central interest in joining the ELVITEN project besides the connection to different partners with experience in the sharing economy.

Urban as well as suburban mobility as we know it today really calls for new approaches. Traffic space in European cities is limited by the historical development. While maintaining individual forms of mobility, only a reduction in vehicle size and mass and the sharing of transport modes can be a solution. Electric Light-Vehicles (EL-V) will play a major role in this process.

KYBURZ Switzerland as a producer of LE-Vs is constantly gaining new knowledge and experience, which is used in the optimization and development of lightweight forms of electric mobility. At the same time, there are still many questions to be answered in this topic: Does the individual mobility of people follow the same path as the transport, distribution and delivery of goods?

Individual mobility behaviour of many people is very irrational in many different ways. A change in mobility will be implemented by financially precisely calculating companies. Electric Light-Vehicles (EL-V) yet started to be the financially more attractive solution for the distribution of goods in European cities.

Improved knowledge about mobility, as gained in the Elviten project, supplemented with the already existing advantages of Electric Light-Vehicles, will massively change the urban and suburban street scene in the near future. KYBURZ Switzerland is convinced to be a leading partner for this transformation following the Martin Kyburz’s (CEO, founder and owner) words: “Each and every one of us is responsible for positively influencing world events and only when everyone does, we will have the chance to succeed.”

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