The fourth edition of the Genoa Smart Week, organised by Genoa Smart City Association, the Municipality of Genoa and the Liguria Region was held this year on the 19-24 November 2018 with the objective to discuss the implementation of innovative projects to make Genoa a smart city.

The ELVITEN project was invited to participate in this highly relevant event since the project is committed to promote sustainable means of transport and integrate ITs tools into the city mobility solutions. Genoa is one of the six ELVITEN cities where Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) will be tested from one year starting in January 2019.

On 23 November, ELVITEN organised a conference aiming at discussing the potentialities of EL-Vs for the urban mobility renewal in Genoa. In front of 400 representatives from the scientific community, industry, civil society and public authorities, ELVITEN partner TBridge* presented the ELVITEN project and its impact on the mobility of the city. This was followed by an explanation of the project Regional Support Groups and how contributors will benefit from joining them.

In addition, on 24 November, the ‘Charge & Move’ treasure hunt was organised in cooperation with ELVITEN at the Matteotti Square. 120 people participated in the activity that had as a prize an electric bike offered by the Italian company Ecomission.

The participants hunted different clues, related to e-mobility, which were located in different venues in the city center. Besides, some quizzes were designed to test participants general knowledge of electromobility in Italy and in Europe.

The event, that gathered young people, families and some elderly people, was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about sustainable mobility and make the public in Genoa more familiar with ELVITEN.

*The presentation (in Italian) is available here.

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