During the COVID-19 outbreak governments across the world implemented lock-down and are using any resources at their disposal to reduce the spread and bring back life to normal. During this unforeseen time, many companies and organisations are coming forward to help reduce the crisis.

Due to the lock-down, ELVITEN project demonstrations in all the cities are currently not possible. However, it is found some of the cities are using the services to help their citizens.

In Trikala, the local municipal police and local delivery companies are using the vehicles from ELVITEN project to help citizens during lock-down.

In Genoa, a vehicle rented, by a third-party company involved in the project, to a supermarket for delivery of groceries to citizens across the city while maintaining social distancing. The vehicle travelled more than 440 km and made 140 trips in two weeks’ time. A healthcare volunteer used another EL vehicle in Genoa (Renault Twizzy) to help others in need and travelled more than 71 km.

ELVITEN project offers various vehicle in 6 different demonstration cities, users can rent the vehicles for long term and short term schemes.

KYBURZ Switzerland AG is providing with three-wheeler and four-wheeler light electric vehicles in the cities of Trikala and Genoa, which are offered by a e-sharing platform for private transport and light deliveries across the city.

Hubject is offering 10 e-scooters called ZeroScooters made by the manufacturer Simple Mobility in the city of Berlin. These vehicles can be rented from the ZeroZone website and picked up at the delivery centre. ZeroScooters have a unique feature where the battery is removable and can be charged at any conventional power socket. It just takes 2 hours to charge 70% of battery.

S3Transportation is providing more than 175 RadRhino bikes manufactured by RadPowerBikes in the cities of Trikala, Bari, Rome and Malaga. These bikes can be rented using the apps like Digital coach, Serious game and Incentive smart app.

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