Berlin celebrated its official ELVITEN pilot launch event on 16 August, to inform a broad public about ELVITEN, as well as, its pilot project “Zerofleet”.

In cooperation with the EUREF campus, a member of the Berlin regional support group, who organized free food, music, drinks and sport activities, Hubject set up an ELVITEN booth equipped with a wide range of ELVITEN merchandise and other goodies from members of the Regional Support Group and provided several eScooters from the ZeroFleet for test rides on campus.

The Berlin ELVITEN pilot called “Zerofleet” had been facing a smoothly running start-up period since the pilot launch on 2 April and a long waiting list for becoming a test driver had been in place even before the launch. While those applicants had been informed through various digital channels via social media and (campus) newsletters, Hubject wanted to make sure to have enough test users throughout the demonstration and therefore scheduled the official launch event midway through the pilot in order to enhance the pool of potential drivers for the second part of the demonstration.

This goal was achieved successfully, since many more potential users could be acquired during the event. Also, the goal of spreading the word on the ELVITEN mission was successful since not only test riders but people in general approached the booth and asked about the ELVITEN project. Since the target group were mainly employees working on the EUREF-campus, they were  interested in new developments and opportunities in the mobility sector.

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