ELVITEN partner Hubject has gone live with ZeroFleet in Berlin!

Berlin is the largest city and capital of Germany with over three million residents. As a global city of culture, media, science and politics, Berlin attracts approximately twelve million visitors annually. The second most populous city in Europe after London, it is home to world-renowned universities, orchestras, museums, and entertainment venues. Its temperate climate, historical importance and lively culture makes all contributes to Berlin’s appeal.

Due to its location in a low-lying area, Berlin is mostly flat making it ideal for the use of EL-Vs. Excluding walking, 41% of all trips are made by car, van or motorcycle. Its well-developed public transportation system makes it easier to travel through the city during peak times where congestion causes traffic. 40% of the trips done in the city are by public transportation while 19% are by bicycle. With the overall populations desire to own a personal vehicle drops and the city’s vision for a climate neutral Berlin by 2050, sustainable mobility is a top priority. The aim of ELVITEN is to deploy ten eScooters in a ride-sharing scheme and raise awareness using the #LetsGoElectric campaign in order to promote more sustainable modes of transport.

The Hubject ZeroFleet is a pilot running parallelly to the other demonstrations occurring in the five other cities. The ten eScooters are being offered on a long-term sharing scheme where participants will have and use the scooter for three weeks free of charge. After applying, chosen users will receive the eScooter, a helmet, a lockable box and insurance. In return, participants are expected to fill out a 10 question questionnaire and post a minimum of three photos on social media with the tags #LetsGoElectric and #ThisIsHubject. Black boxes on the eScooters will collect data that ELVITEN will use to create guidelines for ideal business models as well as the integration of EL-Vs into urban transport systems.

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