The ELVITEN project is conducting an online survey (anonymously) on the real experience of Electric Light Vehicles (EL-V) users and non EL-V users. The survey consists of four sets of questionnaires about people’s real experience with EL-Vs covering two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler and non EL-V users. The ELVITEN survey also has a few questions about charging points.

Under Work Package 5, as part of a task led by the University of Leeds, ELVITEN partners are collecting responses on real EL-V driver conditions, including interactions with other traffic participants. Based on the questionnaires’ responses, the user’s experiences will be analysed in detail, especially as regards:

  • any situations occurred and resulted from interactions among EL-V users with other traffic participants (e.g. vulnerable road users, heavy vehicles, level of interactions, involved participants, user’s reaction);
  • any matters regarded interactions between EL-V users and road infrastructures, environment conditions (e.g. road signs, road markings, visibility conditions);
  • the satisfactory level of availability of private and public charge points and technologies;
  • any technical problems encountered as regards EL-V;
  • the level of comfort of EL-V users and any matters experienced with the control of an vehicle.

The ELVITEN survey findings will be documented per category of EL-V as well as per user age, gender and a cluster.

The survey is available in five languages: English, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

The survey is still open and it should not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Your contribution to the survey is valuable for implementation of ELVITEN project.



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