The ELVITEN registration point in Trikala is ready to welcome users!

The city of Trikala is situated in the Northwestern part of Thessaly, Greece. Home to around 82,000 inhabitants, the Greek city experiences warm summers and mild winters. With a historic city centre and close proximity to an important UNESCO world heritage site, Trikala is a city with a lot to offer.

Although the city does not suffer from severe congestion due to its medium size, it still experiences congestion during peak travel times. The main points of congestion within the city are around the three bridges that cross the river passing through the city centre. While local public transportation provide an economic option, it does not deliver last-mile solutions to the city centre. In an effort to have fewer cars in the city centre, local authorities promote green mobility and work to expand the usage of Electric Light Vehicles (EL-V’s). ELVITEN focuses on establishing a shared network 10 EL-V’s (5 e-tricycles and 5 e-quadricycles) provided by Swiss manufacturer Kyburz.

Citizens interested in testing out an EL-V can visit the ELVITEN registration point and meet with an ELVITEN Trikala operator. After checking the relevant documents, accepted users are then registered and guided through the ELVITEN app, which is used to book the EL-Vs. Once a vehicle is booked, users receive the keys from the ELVITEN Fleet Manager and pick up the vehicle from designated parking spaces. Data and trip information is collected via black boxes which will be used by ELVITEN to analyse and propose guidelines for integration into the transport system.

ELVITEN has began operating in Trikala since February of this year and open to the public since April. Interested citizens can visit our Youtube page to learn more about how they can get involved!



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