EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK has launched a new fact sheet presenting towns and cities with 10 lessons learnt from the COVID-19 lockdown regarding better urban mobility. The learnt lessons are based on different experiences.

Some of the lessons learnt are:

– Public space is precious and thus cities should be built for people and not for cars.

– The impact of working from home and buying goods online has on our environment and mobility patterns.

– Reducing speed limits to 30Km/h in urban areas.

– Air and noise pollution rates from daily transport fell to unprecedented levels.

The fact sheet also provided cites and towns with creative suggestions for activities, which they could organise during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2020.

Some of the suggestions are are:

– Walking and cycling.

– Offer guided tours to explain the new safety rules and showcase locations where space has been reallocated from (parked) cars to people.

– Organise inter-city conferences, like in Balkan cities last year.

– Info stand to show graphics or analysis of traffic flow during the worst weeks of COVID-19.

To read the full list of lessons learnt and suggestions, click here.

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK also released a Communication Toolkit and is now available to download here. Cities and towns are encouraged to use the visual graphics to ensure the promotional campaigns carry the official EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK design. The updated toolkit contains logos and graphics – which also include the campaign mascot wearing a face mask. The templates and guidelines can be used for free of charge in the promotion of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK.


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