Bari es una ciudad portuaria y universitaria con alrededor de 325000 habitantes. Su puerto es el mayor centro de pasajeros en el Mar Adriático y atrae a más de 500.00 pasajeros al año.

El municipio posee 2 transbordadores eléctricos y 50 bicicletas asistidas con pedales eléctricos, que se espera que crezca en un adicional de 10 bicicletas eléctricas. Habrá 34 estaciones para bicicletas alrededor de la ciudad con una suscripción anual de 25 EUR.

ELVITEN creará una red de bicicletas para turistas y ofrecerá herramientas de incentivo y aplicaciones de monitoreo. De igual forma, ELVITEN proporcionará demostraciones gratuitas de vehículos eléctricos ligeros.

En Bari, ELVITEN aborda a repartidores y usuarios de servicios de movilidad compartida.

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Bari Welcomes ELVITEN

The city of Bari and ELVITEN have joined forces to share knowledge and enlarge the network of this European funded project. In order to receive support, Regional Support Groups (RSG) focus on engaging associations, companies and authorities outside of the ELVITEN consortium. Those include bodies interested in electromobility, such as: electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, charging point operators, road infrastructure operators, public authorities, electrical distribution system operators and service providers. Several stakeholders have been invited by the ELVITEN partners in six project cities to participate in the RSGs.

From an array of companies, institutions and bodies invited by our project partner, Polytechnic University of Bari, six have decided to extend their support. Among the supporters who have signed the RSG agreements, there are entities such as Politecnico di Bari, FIAB BARI, Pin Bike and AutoLogos, whom promote a more sustainable and innovative approach to mobility. Here is a closer look at our partners & what they do:

The support of this Italian city represents a major milestone for ELVITEN. The main goal is to encourage the use of Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) in daily Italian mobility. The members of the RSG gain visibility in the Italian region as well as satisfy the purpose of the project. They do this by providing a better understanding of market needs and expectations.

Visibility and exposure of member brands is another benefit of this collaboration. This will occur through the ELVITEN website, events, social media and project channels. Furthermore, members will be informed of any project developments via meetings & workshops.

ELVITEN welcomes the following supporters:


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