The ADAC has joined the ELVITEN Regional Support Group of the demonstration site in Berlin.

ELVITEN, one of the EU research projects in which FIA Region I is involved, aims to improve mobility in six European cities by demonstrating a wide range of uses of Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) and their contribution to urban mobility.

The ELVITEN Regional Support Groups comprise local stakeholders providing various support to the  ELVITEN project activities. Additionally, these organisation play a crucial role in the project dissemination through promoting activities and events using their communication channels.

Relevant stakeholders outside the ELVITEN consortium based in one of the six ELVITEN demonstration cities (Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Trikala and Rome) have been invited to join. Present members for instance include electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, road infrastructure operators, public authorities, electrical distribution system operators, service providers and mobility Clubs. The ADAC is the eightieth organisation in Italy, Germany, Greece and Spain having signed such a cooperation agreement to be part of an ELVITEN Regional Support Group. Members in Berlin involved include Yoove, LEVCON, EUREF Campus Berlin and the eMO Berlin Agency for Electromobility. Members in Malaga include the RACC.

Registration to the final event taking place on 21 October (both online and in Rome) are now open: you can register here.

FIA Region I is one of the 21 partners of the ELVITEN project, which seeks to make users more familiar with EL-V’s and encourage their use for both private transport and light urban delivery.

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