ELVITEN has made use of the Urban Mobility Days conference to present the main highlights of its three-year work. the Urban Mobility Days conference, organised by the European Commission from 29 September until 2 October, gathered policy-makers, academics, NGOs, local authorities, urban transport practitioners, urban planners to exchange ideas on emerging transport trends and technologies, as well as the latest developments on the sustainable urban mobility planning.

ELVITEN has taken the opportunity to showcase how it demonstrated how electric light vehicles (EL-Vs) can be used in urban areas and integrated into the existing transport network of six European cities. Presenter Evangelia Portouli, ELVITEN Coordinator gave examples how those new mobility concepts can successfully tackle the increasing challenge of transport and mobility systems decarbonisation, European cities need to integrate smart mobility solutions with renewable energy smart grid and energy storage systems, thus going beyond the electrification of vehicles.

After months of demonstrations on how Electric Light-Vehicles can be used in urban areas, and integrated into the existing transport network, the ELVITEN project is coming to an end.

Save the date for the final event which will take place on 21 October 2020. The event will be a hybrid event – you can join the event in Rome, or you can participate in the online event.

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