On 19 September 2018, Mr Demetris Papastergiou, the mayor of the city of Trikala presented two new electric vehicles to the public. These vehicles will be in circulation from the 1 October on. Trikala is one of six cities participating in the ELVITEN project and was the first one in Greece to implement a self-driving bus (CityMobile2), which makes Trikala a pioneer in the everyday use of electric vehicles.

“Electric vehicles are required to show that they have begun to mature and to provide solutions to a city’s everyday life”, Papastergiou said. Indeed, these vehicles “can help to move more smoothly, cleaner and faster in cases of transport, delivery and public needs”, he continued. Nevertheless, the electric vehicles are still equipped with tracking and recording material that register the speed, location, delay and their way of moving around the city.

In addition to the two electric vehicles acquired by the municipality of Trikala, Gorgolis SA donated another light-duty electric vehicle which will be used exclusively for the cleaning of the city. With these actions, Trikala approaches the goal of the ELVITEN project and underlines the importance of exploring new ways of sustainable mobility in urban areas.

The ELVITEN project is proud of having Trikala as one of its pilot cities given that Trikala is Greece’s first “smart city” and has been developing a large number of initiatives for sustainable mobility over the last years.

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