Moving around Trikala will be easier and more sustainable in the near future. After having implemented Greek’s first self-driving bus (CityMobile2) Trikala continues promoting smart mobility by including EL-Vs in the everyday transport network.

On 19 September 2018, in the context of the European Mobility Week 2018, the City of Trikala demonstrated two Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) at the Traffic Park of the Municipality. The Mayor of Trikala Dimitris Papastergiou, together with the chairman of e-Trikala SA Ioannis Kotoulas introduced the three- and a four-wheeler EL-Vs to the public. The vehicles were provided by the Swiss EL-Vs manufacturer Kyburz, one of the partners of the ELVITEN project.

The use of such EL-Vs “can help people to make their daily commutes smoother and more ecological and faster in cases of transport, delivery and public service needs” Mr. Papastergiou highlighted. “These vehicles will show that technology has begun to mature and to provide solutions to the everyday life of a city”, he added.  The event was also an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the next steps of the ELVITEN project and how to use the scientific data gathered from the use of EL-Vs.

Additionally, the audience got informed about the vehicles that will be deployed in Trikala for delivery use or for citizens’ commuting. These EL-Vs will be provided with special tracking equipment that records speed, potential delays and the way of moving to the city. The testing of these vehicles will start in the last semester of 2018.

Trikala is one of six European cities participating in the ELVITEN project aiming to achieve a mind-shift among road users by providing them with a better EL-V experience. This H2020 project seeks to facilitate electric mobility for urban travellers and delivery companies and as a consequence supports the idea of a greener urban future.

You can find a video of the workshop here:

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