With the aim of presenting ELVITEN to stakeholders and potential supporters in the city of Rome, the Municipality IX of Rome, one of the 21 project partners, hosted the third ELVITEN workshop on the 17 April 2018.

During the first semester of 2018, the ELVITEN project hold a series of public workshops at the six pilot sites, namely, Bari, Rome, Trikala, Malaga, Genoa and Berlin. The activities targeted specific public interested in electromobility and local authorities who provided inputs on the implementation of the ELVITEN mobility scheme in the mentioned cities.

The event that took place at the Sala Protomoteca, the main Hall of the Rome Municipality, had a significant participation; around 100 high-level stakeholders actively joined the meeting.

The full-day activity gathered mobility managers, representatives of firms working in the sharing mobility and e-mobility, regional and national authorities, professionals and sectorial associations. Key Italian personalities also attended the event, such as the City Councillor to Mobility and the President of the Municipality IX, Dario D’innocenti. This latter opened the event, underlying the importance of ELVITEN to the city of Rome.

Moreover, some of the ELVITEN project partners also contributed to the workshop, which was the case of Italian ICT company T-Bridge, S3T based in London and who oversees the innovation strategies of new EL-Vs businesses, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and KYBURZ, the swiss EL-Vs manufacturing company that will provide some of the vehicles for the project testing.

The event was the perfect opportunity to debate about some of the challenges of ELVITEN in Rome, especially when talking about the deployment of EL-Vs in large cities such as the Italian capital.

The discussion went from issues such as the necessity of building new infrastructure, for instance, bike lines to the need of involving potential users from public bodies and private firms. In addition, participants expressed some concerns regarding the continuation of the ELVITEN scheme and the importance of implementing a more efficient business model to support the viability of the e-bike sharing in Rome beyond the end of the project.

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