On 20th September 2017, the ELVITEN Project was presented in the City Council Hall of the Municipality IX of Rome within the European Sustainable Mobility Week.

The President of Municipality IX, Mr. Dario D’innocenti, opened the event, underlining the strategical importance of ELVITEN as challenge for a cultural change in the way of thinking mobility.

Following his speech, the Municipal Councilor for mobility and suburbs, Mr. Alessandro Drago, introduced the political and social aspects of the action, arguing the possibility to face this challenge through the adoption of an advanced technological innovation capable to penetrate the electric vehicle market to develop an integrated sustainable mobility. In order to reach this goal – He said – the following key aspects are necessary: communication, public awareness and agreements with different actors (public and private).

Finally, Eng. Silvia Andreussi of the technical Area of the Municipality IX, described the implementation of the pilot project in the territory, following the technical and financial guidelines set: 6 recharging stations will be installed for 78 bicycles implying studying travelers’ flows, analyzing the demand for mobility and searching for suitable areas.

Institutional representatives of research companies, district committees as well as mobility managers, municipal councilors and professors took part in the event.

During the debate, the questions arisen concerned mostly the following issues: bike supply, sharing system management, fixed scheme, user behavior analysis, electric bike market, mobility flow analysis, parking and strategic locations for hubs.

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