On 27 November 2019, ELVITEN city partner – Rome held its second city workshop in the IX EUR City Hall of Rome organised by the dedicated Municipality. Municipality representatives of the workshop included the Capitoline councilor Linda Meleo (responsible for infrastructure), the municipal councilor Alessandro Drago (responsible for Mobility, Suburbs, Community Programs, Simple Rome) and the technical director of the Municipality Giacomo Guastella.

The main topic of the ELVITEN workshop was the long-term sharing of electric bikes. It presented technical aspects, objectives and expectations of the project with a special focus on travel data in Rome, but also of the other pilot cities. During the workshop, an interactive debate with public representatives took place, introducing the possibility of creating soft mobility corridors or routes dedicated to electric vehicles (max. 30 km/h). These corridors aim at improving the infrastructure, optimising the sharing processes and encouraging electric mobility.

The electric vehicles in Rome are registered as two-wheel mopeds and therefore require the use of helmet and a driver’s license. They are usually used for home-work trips, professional or personal purposes throughout the territory of Rome. The 60 bikes are free of charge and target employees of public bodies and private companies based in Rome.

A short video summarising the 2nd workshop in Rome is available (in Italian) on ELVITEN YouTube channel.

A press report (in Italian) of the Rome Municipality.

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