Why it is important?

The ELVITEN project seeks to impact citizens mobility in six European cities by introducing Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) and integrate them into the already existing transport network. However, this objective cannot be materialised without building a valorise strong network of interested experts. Companies, associations and bodies are invited to bring their inputs and support the implementation of the ELVITEN scheme in the cities. Their contribution is crucial for incentivising citizens to test the ELVITEN vehicles and participating in the project awareness campaign. In addition, local experts and already established business companies are key to understand the EL-Vs local market needs and have a better approach to the user’s expectations and requirements. RSGs will also play a role in the project dissemination by promoting the ELVITEN activities on their events and channels.

Who can be involved?

Stakeholders outside the ELVITEN consortium which are based in one of the six ELVITEN cities (Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Trikala and Rome). Members may include electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, charging point operators, road infrastructure operators, public authorities, electrical distribution system operators, service providers and other organisations and bodies involved or interested in electromobility. This also includes academics, research organisations and the media.

What do we offer?

  • Visibility at the ELVITEN events and activities such as the launch campaign events
  • Promotion of the companies brands at the project channels (social media & website) and printed material
  • Invitation to participate in the ELVITEN workshops and meetings to collect feedback and exchange knowledge and best practises
  • Receive regular updates on the ELVITEN development and achievements

Who is already on board?

Click on each city to find the companies that are already supporting ELVITEN