The City of Rome extends in the middle of a flat land and is spread along the two banks of Tiber River. With a population of 2,873,494 people in 2017, Rome is the most populated Italian City. The climate of Rome is mild with hot summer and mild and rainy winter.

Transport characteristics

The city has a road network of 8,000 km, divided into motorways/expressways (117 km), main roads or class 1 roads (60 km), other local roads/streets (7.823 km). The extension of the reserved bus lanes in the road network is 112 km, while the roads in which bicycles are allowed account for 240 km. As reserved cycling infrastructures in the city, there are 112 km of green bike paths and 128 km of other bikes paths. Two companies offer scooter-sharing service in Rome in ‘free-flow’ scheme: Ecooltra and ZigZag. The global fleet is composed by 401 vehicles and 241 of them (provided by Ecooltra) are electric and directly recharged by the company. Bike sharing is provided by GoBeeBike, with 1800 vehicles (not electric) in ‘free-flow’ scheme deployed in District I and District IX. Number of 518 electric vehicles are deployed by Share’n go.

In Rome, ELVITEN is present in District IX, which unites business and residential areas with lots of commuting. Although the area is flat, there is almost no cycling infrastructure available.

ELVITEN will create a network for 78 electric shared bikes. The project will offer an incentive tool and monitoring apps and it will provide free testing of EL-Vs.

In Rome, 78 e-bikes to be offered as sharing services.

In Rome, ELVITEN tackles owners, sharers and deliverers.

Active users



ELVITEN at the FIA Smart Cities Forum hosted in Rome

On 12 April 2019, Rome hosted the third season of the FIA Smart Cities Forum. A series of high-level conferences, the Forum gathers a variety of stakeholders to discuss how private and public actors can lead the new mobility transition. The theme of this year’s event was “Innovation in the Eternal City” and was held at the E-Motion Pavilion, Formula E circuit. Appearances were made by Andrew McKellar (Secretary General for Automobile Mobility and Tourism, FIA) Alejandro Agag (CEO Formula E Holdings), and Virginia Raggi (Mayor of Rome).

In honour of the first-ever Formula E race in Rome, leaders in Development and Sustainability gathered together to share their insights regarding the future of urban mobility in rapidly growing cities. Among the topics that were discussed concerning the current challenges cities face in the field of urban mobility were congestion, pollution, lack of mobility choices and poor safety measures.

The ELVITEN project was presented by the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi along with Linda Meleo, the Councillor for Transport Policies, Dario D’Innocenti, the president of the IX Municipio & Alessandro Drago, the municipal councilor for Mobility. Rome, as a pilot city, will be the site of experimentation of e-bike sharing in the promotion of integrated and sustainable mobility. There were demonstrations using one of the 78 electric bicycles that will be available. There will be 8 e-Hubs located in the IX Town Hall, which are innovative charging stations that will also allow parking of the bicycle that can be booked through the App. There will also be other stands located near the Eur Laurentina & Eur Magliana metro stations, along with other strategic areas of the IX Municipality (such as Via di Acqua Acetosa Ostiene, Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa or Adrea Meldola, Fonte Meravigliosa). The bikes will be available for more than a year, providing an ecological and functional vehicle for rapid travel.

Fourth ELVITEN General Assembly in Trikala

The fourth General Assembly of the ELVITEN EU research project took place on 21- 22 in Trikala, one of the six ELVITEN cities that will start testing Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) soon.

Citizens of Rome, Bari, Malaga, Berlin, Genoa, and Trikala will start seeing the ELVITEN two, three- and four-wheeler EL-Vs. In total, the project will deploy more than 200 vehicles, provided by the Swiss company Kyburz, one of the project partners and by RAD Power Bikes. The objective of these demonstrations is to evaluate the usefulness of this specific type of vehicles in the six cities, make citizens more familiar with the EL-Vs and finally encourage ICE vehicle users to switch to more sustainable means of transportation.

The deployment of the EL-Vs in the cities will be accompanied by an awareness campaign. The campaign will invite citizens to share the #LetsGoElectric over social media and their opinions over electromobility, every time that they see one of the electric vehicles.

With the objective of encouraging citizens to contribute to making the six cities more sustainable and greener, the ELVITEN partners in the cities have put in place a number of incentives for those achieving the highest record using ELVITEN services and apps. The awards will range from useful everyday goodies (e.g. bottles of water, mugs, helmets etc.), to more entertaining services such as free cinema tickets, free entrance to an amusements park, free swimming pool subscription and much more.

The two days meeting that gathered 21 partners from 11 countries in Europe was a perfect occasion to discuss all these matters and also to launch the demonstrations of L-category electric vehicles in the hosting city Trikala. Partners had the chance to test them right before the vehicles will be offered to the public as a sharing service.


ELVITEN Stakeholder Workshops

With the objective to involve local stakeholders in the development of ELVITEN, the project started holding its first round of stakeholder’s workshops as part of the preparation for the project demonstrations of EL-Vs that will kick off in December 2018.

From  April to September 2018, several meetings were organised at the six ELVITEN cities where project partners introduced the project to local authorities and professionals in the transport and mobility sector.

ELVITEN city leaders collected useful feedback provided during the workshops which will contribute to a better deployment of the ELVITEN scheme in each project location.

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