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In Málaga, ELVITEN focuses on the city centre, where most streets are not open for traffic. Due to a lack of last-mile solutions, this leads to over-use of the few open streets by commuters and delivery services.

ELVITEN will create a network of 40 electric bicycles. ELVITEN will offer an incentive tool and monitoring apps.

ELVITEN will provide free testing. In Málaga, ELVITEN tackles owners, sharers and deliverers.

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Fourth ELVITEN General Assembly in Trikala

The fourth General Assembly of the ELVITEN EU research project took place on 21- 22 in Trikala, one of the six ELVITEN cities that will start testing Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) soon.

Citizens of Rome, Bari, Malaga, Berlin, Genoa, and Trikala will start seeing the ELVITEN two, three- and four-wheeler EL-Vs. In total, the project will deploy more than 200 vehicles, provided by the Swiss company Kyburz, one of the project partners and by RAD Power Bikes. The objective of these demonstrations is to evaluate the usefulness of this specific type of vehicles in the six cities, make citizens more familiar with the EL-Vs and finally encourage ICE vehicle users to switch to more sustainable means of transportation.

The deployment of the EL-Vs in the cities will be accompanied by an awareness campaign. The campaign will invite citizens to share the #LetsGoElectric over social media and their opinions over electromobility, every time that they see one of the electric vehicles.

With the objective of encouraging citizens to contribute to making the six cities more sustainable and greener, the ELVITEN partners in the cities have put in place a number of incentives for those achieving the highest record using ELVITEN services and apps. The awards will range from useful everyday goodies (e.g. bottles of water, mugs, helmets etc.), to more entertaining services such as free cinema tickets, free entrance to an amusements park, free swimming pool subscription and much more.

The two days meeting that gathered 21 partners from 11 countries in Europe was a perfect occasion to discuss all these matters and also to launch the demonstrations of L-category electric vehicles in the hosting city Trikala. Partners had the chance to test them right before the vehicles will be offered to the public as a sharing service.


Stakeholders in Malaga ready to support ELVITEN

Aiming at exchanging knowledge and best practices and enlarging the project network in a local context, ELVITEN partners have been inviting stakeholders in the six ELVITEN cities to join the Regional Support Groups (RSGs). Recently, the project made public the list of companies, institutions, and bodies that will support the project in Málaga, one of the project pilot sites.

In total, 17 companies and institutions signed the RSG agreements in the Spanish city, among which are the Empresa Malagueña de Transporte (EMT) and relevant academic institutions such as the University of Málaga.

This constitutes a major step towards ELVITEN objective of encouraging the mobility users and fleet operators to include Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) in their daily use.

Find the new ELVITEN supporters here:

The tasks of the RSGs are manifold: on the one side, they will engage companies, associations, authorities and other actors outside the ELVITEN project consortium who will support the demonstrations.

Members may include electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, charging point operators, road infrastructure operators, public authorities, electrical distribution system operators, service providers and other organisations and bodies involved or interested in electromobility. This also includes academics, research organisations and the media.

On the other hand, members of the Regional Support Groups will help to better understand and clarify the market needs and expectations. In addition, they will support disseminating the project’s achievements and ensure visibility in a local context.

Members of the RSG will benefit from visibility at the ELVITEN events and activities and as well as the promotion of their brands through the project channels, website, and social media. Furthermore, the members of the RSG will be informed about relevant project developments and achievements and they will be invited to meetings and workshops.

ELVITEN Stakeholder Workshops

With the objective to involve local stakeholders in the development of ELVITEN, the project started holding its first round of stakeholder’s workshops as part of the preparation for the project demonstrations of EL-Vs that will kick off in December 2018.

From  April to September 2018, several meetings were organised at the six ELVITEN cities where project partners introduced the project to local authorities and professionals in the transport and mobility sector.

ELVITEN city leaders collected useful feedback provided during the workshops which will contribute to a better deployment of the ELVITEN scheme in each project location.

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