Genoa has a population of about 600,000 inhabitants with a density of about 2,431 inhabitants per km2 and it is the sixth biggest city in terms of population in Italy and it hosts Italy’s most important ports. The territory of the Genoa Municipality is completely characterized by hills and just narrow alluvial flats along the main rivers/brooks, and it is considered by ISTAT as “coastal mountains”. Given the mountainous topography of the area, green mobility represents an alternative answer to reduce pollution and noise.

Transport characteristics

Genoa is among the “greenest” cities in Italy, with an average of about 48 cars per 100 inhabitants. The public transport system (bus/underground + train) is used for ~27% of the trips but the private car is still prevalent, for ~37% of the trips. Only 0.1% (~1,000) of the total of the daily trips in Genoa are carried out by bicycle. The total vehicle fleet in Genoa consists of ~429,400 vehicles (including cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks) of which 61% cars and 31% motorcycles. According to the 2014 data, in Genoa 17 e-cars are circulating.

In Genoa there are about 100 EL-Vs and 16 public charging points.

With a fleet of over 140.000 non-electrified scooters, Genoa has one of the highest ratio of L-Vs per inhabitant in Europe. ELVITEN will create a wide charging network. ELVITEN will offer an incentive tool and monitoring apps.

In Genoa, 10 electric tricycles to be shared.

ELVITEN will provide EL-Vs for free use. In Genoa, ELVITEN tackles owners, sharers and deliverers.

Active users



Fourth ELVITEN General Assembly in Trikala

The fourth General Assembly of the ELVITEN EU research project took place on 21- 22 in Trikala, one of the six ELVITEN cities that will start testing Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) soon.

Citizens of Rome, Bari, Malaga, Berlin, Genoa, and Trikala will start seeing the ELVITEN two, three- and four-wheeler EL-Vs. In total, the project will deploy more than 200 vehicles, provided by the Swiss company Kyburz, one of the project partners and by RAD Power Bikes. The objective of these demonstrations is to evaluate the usefulness of this specific type of vehicles in the six cities, make citizens more familiar with the EL-Vs and finally encourage ICE vehicle users to switch to more sustainable means of transportation.

The deployment of the EL-Vs in the cities will be accompanied by an awareness campaign. The campaign will invite citizens to share the #LetsGoElectric over social media and their opinions over electromobility, every time that they see one of the electric vehicles.

With the objective of encouraging citizens to contribute to making the six cities more sustainable and greener, the ELVITEN partners in the cities have put in place a number of incentives for those achieving the highest record using ELVITEN services and apps. The awards will range from useful everyday goodies (e.g. bottles of water, mugs, helmets etc.), to more entertaining services such as free cinema tickets, free entrance to an amusements park, free swimming pool subscription and much more.

The two days meeting that gathered 21 partners from 11 countries in Europe was a perfect occasion to discuss all these matters and also to launch the demonstrations of L-category electric vehicles in the hosting city Trikala. Partners had the chance to test them right before the vehicles will be offered to the public as a sharing service.


ELVITEN at the Genoa Smart Week 2018

The fourth edition of the Genoa Smart Week, organised by Genoa Smart City Association, the Municipality of Genoa and the Liguria Region was held this year on the 19-24 November 2018 with the objective to discuss the implementation of innovative projects to make Genoa a smart city.

The ELVITEN project was invited to participate in this highly relevant event since the project is committed to promote sustainable means of transport and integrate ITs tools into the city mobility solutions. Genoa is one of the six ELVITEN cities where Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) will be tested from one year starting in January 2019.

On 23 November, ELVITEN organised a conference aiming at discussing the potentialities of EL-Vs for the urban mobility renewal in Genoa. In front of 400 representatives from the scientific community, industry, civil society and public authorities, ELVITEN partner TBridge* presented the ELVITEN project and its impact on the mobility of the city. This was followed by an explanation of the project Regional Support Groups and how contributors will benefit from joining them.

In addition, on 24 November, the ‘Charge & Move’ treasure hunt was organised in cooperation with ELVITEN at the Matteotti Square. 120 people participated in the activity that had as a prize an electric bike offered by the Italian company Ecomission.

The participants hunted different clues, related to e-mobility, which were located in different venues in the city center. Besides, some quizzes were designed to test participants general knowledge of electromobility in Italy and in Europe.

The event, that gathered young people, families and some elderly people, was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about sustainable mobility and make the public in Genoa more familiar with ELVITEN.

*The presentation (in Italian) is available here.

ELVITEN Stakeholder Workshops

With the objective to involve local stakeholders in the development of ELVITEN, the project started holding its first round of stakeholder’s workshops as part of the preparation for the project demonstrations of EL-Vs that will kick off in December 2018.

From  April to September 2018, several meetings were organised at the six ELVITEN cities where project partners introduced the project to local authorities and professionals in the transport and mobility sector.

ELVITEN city leaders collected useful feedback provided during the workshops which will contribute to a better deployment of the ELVITEN scheme in each project location.

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