Citizens of Málaga will soon begin seeing ELVITEN x Rad Power Bikes all over their city! ELVITEN demonstrates how Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) can be used in urban areas and be integrated within existing charging networks. ELVITEN partner ProMálaga has teamed up with S3Transportation to bring forty Rad Power e-bikes to this urban city. Citizens interested in participating in the ELVITEN project can fill out an application for the chance to become one of the users who takes home an e-Bike.

In order to be considered, potential users need to fill out an online survey about their mobility habits, which can be requested via email. Applicants are then assessed on whether they fit the requirements to become a user, including having a valid drivers license. Selected users must then fill out a project participation contract and download the ELVITEN app which provides all of the information about the vehicle. Users receive the bike, an authorized helmet, a portable charger and an anti-theft security system that is to be utilised every time the bike is in use. Users also have access to e-Hubs located around the city where the bike can be charged and stored. Users are then allowed to enjoy their new bikes for a total of two months!

The selection of users has already begun. If you live in Málaga, visit our Youtube page to learn more about how you can join!

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