On the 28 April, the second ELVITEN workshop took place at the Trade Fair and Congress in the city of Málaga in the context of the 9th Green Cities Forum. The event, organised by Promálaga, was an excellent occasion to present the ELVITEN project to Spanish stakeholders, and hear their inputs regarding the implementation of the ELVITEN scheme in this city.

The workshop was moderated by Isabel Pascual Villamor from Promálaga and had the participation of several project partners such as Villy Portouli, from ICCS, who presented the project. Andrew Winder, from ERTICO, who showed some of the results of the Public Perception Survey that was launched at the end of 2017 and that gathered more than 7000 answers on the attitudes towards EL-Vs. In addition, Sonja Pajkovska from Hubject spoke about the deployment of EL-Vs in European cities taking the city of Berlin as an example.

Spanish stakeholders also took part in the debate. Researchers from the University of Málaga, Guadalupe Gonzales and Irene Bautista made a presentation on the evolution of the transport system in Málaga. An important intervention was made by Miguel Ruiz, president of the National Urban Association (ATUC) and the managing director of Málaga’s public transport company (EMT). Mr. Ruiz explained some of the challenges the public transport is facing in the city and made emphasis on the importance of projects, such as ELVITEN, for the integration of alternative modes of mobility to the traditional public transportation systems.

The full-day event ended with an open discussion where participants raised some questions, concerns and comments regarding the project objectives and challenges.

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