With the aim to train professionals for an increasingly smart Genoa, the University of Genoa, with Genoa Smart City, Italian Center of Excellence on Integrated Logistics and the Municipality of Genoa are organizing the ‘Smart city, planning and territorial economic development’ course that will take place in April and May 2018.

The course targets graduates, in any discipline, who have gained specific and proven experience in the field and who want to work or are already committed to leading Genoa towards a smart future.

The course is part of the Smart City initiative promoted by the European Union within the Europe 2020 strategy that aims to prepare European cities to face futures economic and environmental challenges such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


The city of Genoa is one of the ELVITEN project cities that ranks at the 21st place as a smart city thanks to its commitment to improving the quality of life through sustainable economic development, innovation and technology.

For more information visit http://www.comune.genova.it/node/88125

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