With the objective of preparing the cities for the deployment of electric light vehicles (EL-Vs), ELVITEN held two workshops in the city of Genoa. The first activity took place in May 2018 and a second workshop was coordinated on 27 September. During both workshops, ELVITEN partners had the opportunity to introduce the project to an specialised public, interested parties and relevant city authorities.

The first workshops brought together relevant stakeholder such as Stefano Balleari, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Genoa who emphasized in the city commitment of increasing electromobility plans and deploying new infrastructure and incentives for citizens to use the services. Furthermore, the mobility manager of the Municipality explained the mobility plan of the city, the territory and its network of roads highlighting the importance of ELVITEN.

A special contribution was done by project partner Duferco Energia who explained its role in the project. They were tasked to create a charging hub (24 EL-V charging point, 10 charging points for bikes, one column with two charging point for EVs) and a charging island EL-V. In addition, they explained the usefulness of the location of the hubs in the city and the IoT solution adopted for the booking of the charging points.

As part of the ELVITEN consortium, T-Bridge also made a presentation referring  to the ELECTRA project that paved the way for urban electromobility in Genoa, through the study and experimentation of specific tools and actions.

Participants pointed out the importance of improving the city infrastructures and services an expressed their interest in participate in the different ELVITEN activities.

Although the second workshop pursued the same objective of introducing ELVITEN to local stakeholders, a great focus was put on the EPPI Platform for positive incentives. T-Bridge performed a demo of the SmartApp showing how the final users can monitor and manage their wallet of points collected and the possible awards to be reached. This workshop had the participation of companies such as Quaeryon who are developing the incentive scheme in the city of Genoa and Softeco who showed and performed a demo of the operator web app that shall be used by municipalities’ representatives during the implementation phase for the activities.

As a final point, the Municipality of Genoa described the permanent showroom that will be implemented within the ELVITEN project. The Municipality will provide the space for the project promotion and in which Regional Support Groups will be invited to advertise their business.

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