The Goa Boa festival is a music event that takes place every year in Genoa, Italy. The event is a part of the ‘Genova Città dei Festival’ exhibition, organized by the Municipality of Genoa. During the ten day long music festival, the event welcomed in thousands of people.

ELVITEN partner Duferco Energia, participated in the event to promote ELVITEN after the installation of the first two e-charging hubs, which brought 24 brand new charging points dedicated to Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs), in Genoa. At the Duferco Energia x ELVITEN booth, attendees of the festival were able to ask questions about e-mobility and learn more about how ELVITEN is making transport more sustainable in the city of Genoa.

Being among one of the greenest cities in Italy, in Genoa there are already 100 EL-Vs and 16 charging points. ELVITEN will bring 10 electric tricycles to Genoa for shared mobility and create a charging network. The EL-Vs will be provided for free use and tackle owners, sharers and deliverers.


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