On 17 December 2019, Municipality of Genoa held the ELVITEN second city workshop at the Municipality premises. In the opening and welcoming speech, a representative from the European Projects unit at the Municipality of Genoa introduced the overview of ELVITEN project, activities already developed and other actions in progress.

Afterwards, the audience was introduced to the Genoa pilot site and demonstrations. Firstly presenting test cases such as use cases, a system of incentives and smartAPP, Regional Support Group, new infrastructures (park and electrical charging point). As in the other pilot sites, ELVITEN aims at simplifying the travel and parking services for users by addressing specific clusters: tourists, last-mile deliveries and businesses. In Genoa, the overall objective is to reward behaviour of citizens who invest in electric mobility and to offer equipped parking areas in four strategic points in the city centre with E-LVs charging possibilities.

Secondly, project partner TBridge explained regulations and trends of E-LVs in Europe and the typology of users and their habits in the city. Another project partner Duferco highlighted the advantages of using E-LVs, including a reduction of pollution and traffic congestion and their economic benefits (incentives, minor maintenance costs etc). It also presented the recharging process in Genoa and the App “D-Mobility”, which supports the charging process, and it was developed as part of the ELVITEN project.

Overall, the participants agreed that in order to enable the dissemination of usage of light electric vehicles, in addition to dedicated charging points, adaptation and standardisation of charging sockets on vehicles should be considered.

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