The convenience and appeal of cities is drawing more and more people to live and to work. The current European trend of urbanisation is also increasing the importance of cities and urban areas, which will only continue this growth trend. Cities are facing social challenges with respect to the environment, transport and social cohesion. In order to address those challenges, the Urban Agenda has been created.

The European Commission is asking for participation in a survey to assess the implementation and performance of the Urban Agenda for the European Union (UAEU). They are looking for feedback from all stakeholders. This includes members of the general public, cities, urban authority representatives and other public authority representatives (regional, national, EU and international). Other stakeholders, such as civil society organisations, NGOs, businesses, academic research organisations and experts are also invited to participate and provide their feedback.

The Urban Agenda for the European Union was launched in 2016 via the Pact of Amsterdam. The aim of the UAEU is to provide a synchronised and cohesive approach to the urban dimension of EU and national policies and legislation. The Urban Agenda seeks to improve the quality of life in urban zones by focusing on concrete areas of priority within 14 established Partnerships. Of relevance to ELVITEN is the Partnership on Urban Mobility (PUM). This Partnership seeks to identify measures and propose solutions to improve the framework conditions for urban mobility across cities in the EU. The Partnership identified four initial themes: active modes of transport (such as walking and cycling) and use of public space, innovative solutions and smart mobility, public transport for the city and region as well as multi-modality and governance. The way the PUM devised to address these topics was by designing an Action Plan that aimed to improve: EU regulations affecting urban mobility, allocation and use of EU funding and knowledge exchange platforms and their use. Now in its final year (2019), the members of the PUM are collaborating with stakeholders to monitor and promote the implementation of the actions outlined in the Action Plan, endorsed by the Directors-General Meeting on Urban Matters (DGMU) in November 2018.

The EC will be using the feedback from the survey to explore possible ways to improve and assess the UEAU’s value and effectiveness, which in turn will contribute to a shared understanding of how to provide better support to cities and their development. The views of stakeholders are a vital component of this assessment, and the EC strongly encourages all to participate in the Stakeholder Consultation. The final day to participate is Sunday 30 June. All participating organisations and businesses are asked to register in the EU’s Transparency Register. For more information and news regarding urban mobility within the EU, please visit this website.

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