Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the global demand for gasoline powered vehicles is slowing down. The recession will put consumers to suppress demand for purchases. Consumers are expected to look towards cheaper and efficient transportation modes. Under these new trends analysts say that inexpensive motorcycles and scooters will make up the largest group of new vehicles hitting the world’s roads in the next decade out of which electric bike will have major share.

With car sales slowing in developed countries, electric two wheeler may have their moment. According to projections from the Energy and Resources Institute, a New Delhi think tank – hundreds of millions of vehicles will be sold in emerging markets like India and China. Electric two wheelers are already showing environmental impact, according to the International Energy Agency, a Paris-based energy watchdog. Electric two- and three-wheelers on the roads avoided more pollutants than all electric cars combined in 2018, the most recent year for which data is available, according to the IEA. India’s government has said it wants 30% of new vehicles to be electric in the next decade, and has even higher goals for two-wheelers. In China, the IEA estimates 90% of two-wheelers will be electric by 2030.

In Brussels (Belgium) mobility sharing company Billy bike announced the use of electric bicycles doubled since the beginning of lock-down on 18 March. In March, Billy bike announced 500 minutes of free rides for essential personnel who help keep the city running. Although the company saw decline in profits, soon the scheme began to rise and became a hit in the city. Other mobility sharing companies decided to pull their vehicles due to the COVID-19, but Billy bike took the risk. Eventually it paid off and the company received twice as many registrations and usage of bikes than usual. The CEO of Billy Bike Pierre de Schaetzen told La LibreDuring the evenings and weekends, there are more often longer rides in the Forêt de Soignes or along the Channel.”

He added, the reluctance to use public transport due to to health safety might be the reason for increase in bike sharing. He said “We even see that car drivers are also using bicycles at the moment, Many people are discovering cycling as a mode of transport in Brussels.”


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