On 25 and 26 June 2020, the 2020 European Urbanism Next Conference will be held at Maassilo in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Pre-conference workshops will take place on June 24.

The conference is inspired by the annual Urbanism Next Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA. It will be an interdisciplinary convening of private, public and academic stakeholders such as political decision makers, planning and design professionals, real estate developers, urban logistics experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, mobility service providers and corporate mobility planners who play critical roles in shaping the future of cities. The conference will explore how technological, societal and economic trends will change- among others- the environment, the economy, transport and urban planning.

Each session will aim for a mix of formats, from traditional ones (presentations with Q/As and panel discussions) to more unconventional ones (Pecha Kucha and ‘Brain-squeezing’ sessions).

The call for sessions and speakers for Urbanism Next Europe 2020 is now open, the deadline is set on 28 February 2020.

Submit a session proposal to shape the European conversation on the present and future trends of urban mobility and development.

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