ELVITEN project aims to boost the usage of all categories of electric light vehicles (EL-Vs) in urban environment and ultimately achieve a mind shift among users by providing them with a better EL-V experience.

To accelerate the roll-out usage of EL-Vs in cities across Europe (Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Rome and Trikala), ELVITEN aims to promote the transferability of ELVITEN usage schemes in numerous Follower European Cities that are interested in developing or already have electric mobility in their city.

Three offerings will be available for ELVITEN Follower Cities:

  1. Demonstrators – Follower Cities can learn from ELVITEN demonstration cities, the new activities that are relevant and tailored according to their stage of electric mobility development.
  2. Specialist Webinar – these webinars will bring small groups of ELVITEN cities together to address shared and common challenges, also based on the requests made in the statement of interest.
  3. Expert Group – this offering will pool all the knowledge, experience and expertise of the ELVITEN consortium partners and it will be used to address specific challenges and questions posed either by ELVITEN Follower Cities, or identified in discussions with Follower Cities.

To become a Follower City, interested cities will sign an agreement (“Statement of interest”) with ELVITEN project and then will receive support and guidance from the ELVITEN partners in order to either gain support for, establish or ultimately grow electric mobility systems in their cities.

If you are interested in becoming a ELVITEN Follower City, get in touch with us via an email: info@elviten-project.eu.

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