Electromobility has begun to enter the consciousness of the general public. Hybrid and electric vehicles are expected to take up a significant share of the European market by 2030. The underlying factors are not just a wider range of products on the market, but also rising consumer acceptance.

The results of this years annual consumer survey carried out by FEV Consulting showed that over 80% of European consumers can imagine buying a hybrid or battery-powered system when purchasing their next vehicle. The main advantages consumers think of regarding electric vehicles are: environmental friendliness (73%), energy efficiency (46%) and access to restricted areas (30%). As a whole, 23% of Europeans are willing to pay a premium for an electric vehicle. The ecological and social criteria for electric vehicles were also viewed more positively than the previous year [2018].

One of the main challenges that continues to damage the perception of electromobility among consumers is the limited charging infrastructure and the lack of options for electric vehicle models. ELVITEN addresses these issues regarding Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs). By integrating existing charging stations into a wide and open platform for users, ELVITEN hopes to positively increase the users perception of electromobility.

Read more about the study on FEV Consulting.

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