On 1 September 2020, ELVITEN project partners organised a webinar “Experiences and recommendations for EL-Vs usage in urban environments in pre and post COVID -19 era”  to discuss and understand the COVID-19’s impact on e-mobility along with some recommendations for EL-Vs usage in urban environments.

During the webinar, Silvia Campailla from Comune di Genova, introduced the ELVITEN project and the objectives of the webinar to the participants. In her presentation, she explained the role of “Follower Cities” in the ELVITEN project and the support they receive from being part of it.

Francisco Aletta from S3Transportation, presented some observed statistics on the impact of COVID-19 on different areas like economic, tourism, urban traffic, public transport, and e-mobility. It is found that the demand for e-bike sharing in cities like Madrid, Brussels, London, and New York has increased largely after the COVID-19 lockdown. Later, he presented the statistics of COVID-19 impact on ELVITEN demonstration cities which showed a similar trend. The reasons for the demand could be due to reasons like social distancing, the use of individual vehicles to avoid the spread of contagion, and a better alternative to public transport in urban cities.

Later, representatives from three demonstration cities: Silvia Andreussi, Roma Capitale (Rome); Georgege Gorgogetas, e-Trikala (Trikala) and Alessandro Rinaldi, POLIBA (Bari) shared their city’s experience before and after lockdown individually. They explained how the EL-Vs trips were affected, the current trends, and how EL-Vs can help the city in creating better urban mobility. The trends clearly show the needs and habits of users have been changing.

Elena Cosso from T Bridge S.p.A, presented the “Recommendations for Planning authorities emerged after COVID-19”  to the webinar participants. She explained the recommendations suggested to planning authorities in the report. The recommendations are focused on different criteria such as safety, user habits, regulation policies, partnership with private operators, technological tools & sustainability. You can view the report here.

The webinar later concluded with an interactive question & answer session.

You can watch the webinar recording below.




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