ELVITEN project is present in six demonstration cities across Europe: Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Rome, Trikala and Malaga. Each of these cities differ in existing mobility challenges, infrastructure and policies. ELVITEN project helps the users in demonstration cities by providing them with a better EL-V experience. It is possible with the support of our partners involved in the project who provide with the EL-V fleet.

KYBURZ Switzerland AG is providing with three-wheeler and four-wheeler light electric vehicles in the cities of Trikala and Genoa, which are offered by a e-sharing platform for private transport and light deliveries across the city. The vehicles can be rented from the local registration point or using the available apps like Digital coach, Serious game and Incentive smart app.

Furthermore, in Genoa private EL-Vs are also invited to join the demonstrations. Currently private vehicles are equipped with black boxes and send data to ELVITEN dashboard.

Hubject is offering 10 e-scooters called ZeroScooters made by the manufacturer Simple Mobility in the city of Berlin. These vehicles can be rented from the ZeroZone website and picked up at the delivery centre. ZeroScooters have a unique feature where the battery is removable and can be charged at any conventional power socket. It just takes 2 hours to charge 70% of battery.

S3Transportation is providing more than 175 RadRhino bikes manufactured by RadPowerBikes in the cities of Trikala, Bari, Rome and Malaga. These bikes can be rented using the apps like Digital coach, Serious game and Incentive smart app. Once registered and approved by the local authorities, users can pick up and leave the vehicles at one of the e-Hub parking positions, which are installed near to the city centre.

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