On 26 November 2019, ELVITEN participated in the STA Annual Conference and Innovation Awards in Brussels.

During the Session 1: Bringing Smart Transportation Infrastructures to Reality, various projects focused on smart transportation infrastructure were presented, e.g. ELVITEN and PAsCAL. Mr José F. Papí, President & SG of STA and ELVITEN project partner – S3Transportation (Smart, Safe and Sustainable Transportation), presented ELVITEN first results to the audience. He described the general goal of the project and achievements so far, including the dashboard where you can check the latest data gathered from ELV trips, users feedback and ICT tools.

Session 2: Discussing the Smart Transportation Infrastructures of the Future explored among other topics: the future of transport research in the next framework programme – Horizon Europe and current challenges of EU instruments providing funding for transport infrastructure projects.

The last session of the conference, the ‘STA Innovation Awards’, honoured global innovators that contributed to deploying smart transportation infrastructures, and to improving the methods, technologies and standards associated with transportation infrastructures. The awards were given in two categories:

  • Person of the Year 2019: Mr Steve Phillips, Secretary-General at Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) & Mr Gauthier Michaux, Head of Road Signalling at the Service Public de Wallonie – Mobilité & Infrastructures (Belgium)
  • Best Innovation Projects 2019: NOESIS: Novel Decision Support tool for Evaluating Strategic Big Data Investments in Transport and Intelligent Mobility Services & BIOREPAVATION: Innovation in Bio-Recycling of Old Asphalt Pavements


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