This is a new interview, as part of ELVITEN interview series, in which George Gorgogetas from e-Trikala SA shares their role and contribution to the project implementation, and views on urban mobility.

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A short introduction of your organisation.

e-Trikala SA consists a Development Company of the Municipality of Trikala which was established in March 2008, while the ICT activity officially begins at 2004 with the operation of the Information Society Office of the Directorate of the Municipality of Trikala. E-Trikala established the first free WiFi network in the city of Trikala and undertook most of the Municipality’s ICT projects and activities. It also started running and participating in new projects, on a national and European level and covering multiple areas of interest such as e-health, wireless networking, fiber optics, mobility, intelligent transportation.

Finally, e-Trikala is a leading partner in a network of ten large cities in Central Greece, called “Digital Cities SA”, which all apply whenever applicable the methods of any successful project/initiative. The dissemination of best practices is one feasible outcome of this networking. The catchment population of these capital cities may reach 1 million citizens, nearly one tenth of Greek population.

What is your task/responsibility in the ELVITEN project?

My main responsibility has been the Project’s management and the demonstrations in Trikala, organizing the events, dissemination activities, vehicle and user management, definition of vehicle usage schemes.

What was your interest in joining the ELVITEN project?

I was already interested in electric vehicles, their eco-friendly approach and usage of new technologies, so I was quite excited to see that Trikala would be part of such a project. It gave me a change to try them and also urge other people to use them and help in getting them known to a wider audience who in other circumstances, would have never tried them.

What is your opinion on Electric-Light Vehicles?

After trying the e-bikes and 4 wheelers, I would definitely want to own one. I want to contribute to less pollution in the environment, but also appreciate the ease of use that they offer. The need to move to greener energy is vital and we are at a point where the technology is more than ready for full electric vehicles to replace traditional ones.

Could you explain the impact of EL-Vs on urban mobility?

In small cities like Trikala, where everyday distances that people travel are not very long, I can see people gradually shifting to using EL-Vs, firstly because in the long term they will cost less as the need no petrol. Their small form factor also makes it ideal for basic city usage. Trikala is already a city where most of the population uses bikes, and so far everyone who has tried an e-bike wants to own one!

What do you think about the future market for urban mobility?

As prices drop and the technology in electric mobility advances, more people make the shift to electric vehicles. In combination with gas prices being much more expensive, I believe that electric vehicles will gain more and more ground, in combination with more charging stations so that people can make full long trips.


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