Different ICT tools have been developed under the ELVITEN project to collect data of the usage of ELVITEN’s means of transport in each city: Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Rome and Trikala. Data coming from such tools will be used later on to develop efficient business models. You can find below a short summary of all applications developed and used within the ELVITEN project.

Digital Coach app: the app is a fleet monitoring tool sending location and telemetry data to the data warehouse to create a detailed driving analysis. Moreover, a summary of trip and weather is created and transmitted. This app is used in every project city.

Booking App: this app collects booking messages regarding vehicles, charging points and parking spaces. It is currently used in Trikala, Malaga and Bari.

Serious Game App: this app combines elements of fun and entertainment for users of EL-Vs in project cities, providing riders with useful information about the project, the benefits of the use of EL-Vs and touristic or interesting places in the city. It is currently used in Trikala, Malaga and Bari and will be soon available in Rome.

Smart App: this app is an end-user application that allows an ELVITEN user to interact with the incentive system and fill in questionnaires. It is used in Trikala, Malaga, Bari, Genoa and Rome.

D-Mobility app: the app offers charging services to Duferco Energia e-mobility customers. It is only used in Genoa.

There is also a new tool on the ELVITEN website – dashboard, which provides up to date information (updated every 24 hours) regarding EL-Vs usage in all six European pilot cities. The data being provided on the website comes among other sources from the black boxes fixed on the ELVITEN EL-Vs. Find the dashboard here and check how each city is performing.

Check the ELVITEN YouTube channel with videos demonstrating different tools used in ELVITEN cities.

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