With the objective to promote collaborative mobility, the 6th World Collaborative Mobility Congress (WOCOMOCO) took place in Rotterdam from 5 to 7 November 2018. Speakers and delegates gathered to review and discussed current shared mobility solutions and helped to further advance urban transport’s collaborative aspect.

ELVITEN was present at the Congress with an exhibition stand demonstrating an Electric Light Vehicle (EL-V) provided by ELVITEN’s partner Kyburz, a Swiss company devoted to developing and producing electric vehicles. The electric tricycle that was displayed at the stand is a sample of one of the vehicles that will be tested in Trikala and Genoa, two of the six ELVITEN pilot cities.

Furthermore, ELVITEN was present during the session “Local Co-Mobility Heroes of Berlin” where project partner Hubject provided information on the future plans of ELVITEN in Berlin. As one of the keynote speakers Ricarda Mendy presented the project to Congress’ assistants in a shared session that had the participation of Uber, Nextbike, a German company that develops and operates public bike-sharing systems and BVG, the main public transport company of Berlin.

The World Collaborative Mobility Congress (WOCOMOCO) is an annual meeting place for stakeholders from the expanding worlds of car-, ride- and bike-sharing. It wishes to drive social change forward towards the creation of sustainable, efficient mobility and is, therefore, promoting dialogue on the theme from the political, economic and social aspects. The Congress is organised annually by the Mobility Academy, a subsidiary of the Touring Club Switzerland.

You can access the ELVITEN presentation here.


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