In ELVITEN’s project city Trikala, the 1st Restart mAI City Plug & Play Conference took place on 26-28 September. The conference aims to familiarise all Greek Municipal Authorities with existing policies which affect the country’s mobility and with easy, functional and technological solutions. More than 400 employees from all over the country were expected to participate at the networking event in order to create friendly, functional, safe and smart cities in compliance with the EU Urban Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

On the first two days, policies and initiatives were discussed by the participants, focusing on a national and EU level such as mobility and sustainability in smart cities and the role of technology. The third day consisted of presentations and discussions on a local level, where the Municipality of Trikala had the opportunity to demonstrate its applied programmes and solutions such as Smart Trikala, MEA and Activage.

ELVITEN was presented at the conference at the exhibition as a joint stand with ICT4CART represented by the ELVITEN project coordinator – Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS).


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