On 15 July 2020 ERTICO-ITS Europe organised an online webinar on “Micro -mobility: Now the safe alternative?” where partners DEKRA, the City of Trikala and Ubiwhere participated and discussed about considerations related to safety, use of data, data sharing and city planning related to micro-mobility.

“Particularly in the current climate, micro-mobility is regarded as a safe alternative to overcrowding on public transport, but we need to look beyond just the social distancing guidelines and consider safety related to the existing city infrastructure, regulations and the micro-mobility devices that are being used. Road safety has long been a priority for ERTICO and we are currently working with our Partners to make sure that micro-mobility is truly a safe alternative in all aspects.”, said ERTICO Director of Research & Innovation, Dr. Johanna Tzanidaki.

During the webinar Mr Odisseas Raptis, CEO of e-Trikala (and ELVITEN project partner) spoke on the safety, which is one of the challenges that many cities are faced with when it comes to micro-mobility. Mr. Raptis later introduced ELVITEN to the participants during the presentation on R&D activities in the city of Trikala and how the light electric vehicles are helping the city. Mr Raptis expanded on other challenges of mirco-mobility like user acceptance, market uptake, institutional framework, shared data, and infrastructures and governance.

“By operating small electric vehicles in Trikala and thanks to European-funded projects, we are testing the reactions of the users and negotiating with the Government how we can facilitate all these new technologies. Thanks to micro-mobility solutions we can reduce transport emissions and work towards declaring Trikala a zero emission city in the future.” said Odisseas Raptis.

The webinar on micro-mobility was a chance to collect real-case stories, share challenges and successes and set the ground to move forward towards a complete, safe and efficient mobility ecosystem in cities in the near future.

You can view the webinar recording below and to read the full article by ERTICO, click here.

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