Did you know that ELVITEN project has project Ambassadors? They are local representatives in ELVITEN demonstration cities.

As part of the awareness campaign, which has started even before the pilot and the real demonstrations started, an ambassador per city was chosen by the city partners to promote the ELVITEN project at local level, to support the campaign and demonstrations in Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Rome and Trikala. Ambassadors have been playing an important role during the ongoing campaign and demonstrations with the main aim at increasing the attention of the public towards the project, its implementation and results.

Know the Ambassadors in ELVITEN demonstration cities:

  • Bari – Antonio Decaro (Mayor of Bari)
  • Malaga – Francisco de la Torre (Mayor of Malaga)
  • Rome – Virginia Raggi (Mayor of Rome) and Linda Meleo (Mobility Assessor of Rome)
  • Trikala – Dimitrios Papastergiou (Mayor of Trikala)


The project Ambassadors have supported the ELVITEN project and the partners, and were selected by each city leader. A letter of agreement was needed to formalise the support.

The presence of ELVITEN Ambassadors in local media and supporting ELVITEN partners is crucial in rising the awareness among the public and in changing the attitude towards more green and sustainable urban mobility.





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