Do you want to know what ELVITEN project is working on? And how it is accomplished?

Then check out our YouTube video to understand what we do along with our partners. The ELVITEN project is present in six European cities: Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Rome and Trikala, and demonstrates there how light electric vehicles (EL-V) can be used in urban areas and be integrated into the existing transport network.

To know more about ELVITEN values, work, some important numbers and all consortium partners click the button below.

You can also access the ELVITEN project’s current statistics using the publicly available dashboard. The dashboard shows the statistical data coming from six ELVITEN demonstration cities e.g. the total number of trips, number of submitted questionnaires, problems faced during the trips, etc.

To understand more about how our partners are engaged in the ELVITEN project, how to register for demonstrations, the ELVITEN apps available in project cities, check out ELVITEN’s YouTube channel.

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Also, you can join ELVITEN’s ongoing awareness campaign #LetsGoElectric and win a prize in a photo contest. To participate in the campaign, you need to be in of the six ELVITEN cities and register there to participate in demonstrations. While enjoying a ride on ELVITEN EL-V, take a picture and share it with us on ELVITEN Instagram or ELVITEN Twitter using the #LetsGoElectric

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