On 11 December 2019, the ELVITEN second city workshop in Malaga took place at the premises of the University of Malaga. In the first session of the workshop, Francisco Salas (Managing Director of Promalaga) and Prof. Dr. D. Alejandro Rodríguez Gómez (Director of the Engineering Faculty) welcomed the audience with an introductory speech, followed by a presentation of the ELVITEN project by Isabel Pascual Villamor.

The following sessions included presentations and discussions about sustainable mobility in Malaga. The topic was presented with data and statistics on the number of vehicles, the connections to other towns, and the number of trips by different means of transport, also comparing Malaga’s transportation strategy with other cities of its size. Many students participated in the debate about the Malaga model and how to contribute to increasing sustainability in the city.

Moreover, other sustainable mobility city initiatives were discussed during the workshop. For instance, another H2020 funded project such as the ‘Meister’ was presented. The objective of the project is to change the electric mobility market, providing interoperable platforms and services to cities for easy and barrier-free access to the charging and billing service for electric vehicles. Also, the use of renewable energy sources and self-generation methods for recharging electric vehicles requires improvementThe municipal officials have highlighted the interest in Malaga to continue being a pioneer in the installation of these technologies that involve a direct reduction of CO2 pollution in the city.

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