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Air quality in Europe: a closer look at the impact of COVID19 lock-down and the related travel restrictions on NO2 and particles emissions

September 21, 2020

Since mid-March, the European Union experienced an unprecedented situation due to COVID-19. Across Europe, Member States have taken extraordinary measures to protect citizens by imposing strict travel restrictions. These put a major halt on economic activities, deeply affected the daily life of citizens and had a major impact on the transport of people and goods. Consequently, these measures also had a major impact on air quality across Europe.

EGVIA is organising a web-based workshop on 21st September 2020 to review the data collected on air quality across Europe during the COVID-19 lockdown. Through the workshop we aim at:

  • Review the data collected on air quality across Europe during the COVID-19 lockdown, primarily in urban areas, but also covering rural areas
  • Clarify what we can learn from air quality measurement data with respect to
    • the contribution of road transport to air quality
    • the contribution from non-road transport sources to air quality
    • the impact of logistics
    • the potential relationship between atmospheric particles and the spread of the virus in the population

Ultimately, this web-based workshop will discuss the possible need to revise methods used to evaluate air quality in cities, the possible effect of the COVID-19 lockdown learnings on future air quality and new emission standards as well as the needs for further research activities on this scientific topic.

Pencil in your agenda this exceptional event. More information will follow soon concerning the agenda and terms of participation.

To know more contact Lucie Beaumel at info@egvi.eu.


September 21, 2020