The Intercharge Network Conference (ICNC) is a two day international conference on the future of mobility. It has become the global go-to event for new mobility professionals and business leaders. Now in its fifth year, the conference took place on 13 and 14 June in Berlin, one of the ELVITEN pilot cities.  It attracted about 1.000 participants and included selectively invited international industry, start-ups, academia and policy representatives as well as the media.

The intercharge network, which is provided through Hubject GmbH, connects various emobility players and provides Electric Vehicle drivers with simple and customer-friendly access to charging stations throughout all of Europe. The platform is seen as a neutral and open pan-European market place that provides an ideal fertile soil for various business models and solutions. The ELVITEN project was prominently represented via a booth that was integrated into the Hubject Research and Development booth. The booth was marked by an ELVITEN dedicated backdrop and a screen that was continuously showing the recently released movie about Berlin’s pilot for ELVITEN: The ZeroFleet.

The ZeroFleet is a pilot that is running parallelly with the demonstrations occurring in the other five pilot cities. It follows the framework of ELVITEN and shares similar goals: to promote the usage of Light Electric vehicles (EL-Vs). Using the ten ZeroScooters, the Berlin pilot site collects trip data via black boxes. Data is also collected through questionnaires administered to ZeroPilots (users). The goal of ELVITEN is to analyse all the collected data from the six cities and create guidelines for ideal business models as well as their integration into urban transport systems.

The eScooters are offered as a long-term sharing scheme, which means that people can rent a scooter for free for three weeks in a row. The test driver will act like the owner of the vehicle and take it home and be responsible for charging it. This allows for the black boxes to document and collect data on realistic trips stemming from the everyday lives of different people. Via the ZeroZone Website, interested users can apply for a specific three-week-cycle. Hubject’s ZeroFleet manager then coordinates the timeslots and sends out confirmations along with instructions on when and where to pick up the scooter and how to fill out the questionnaires.

The ICNC was the perfect place to not only present the ZeroFleet but to acquire potential test users for the pilot from among the many visitors interested in “new mobility”. It also presented the perfect situation to begin discussions on the ideal ecosystems for EL-Vs and their integration into urban transport systems with global eMobility experts.

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