On 4 and 5 December 2019, ELVITEN joined the 3rd edition of the European conference ‘Results from road transport research in Horizon 2020 projects’, organised by the European Commission, ERTRAC (European Road Transport Research Advisory Council) and EGVIA (European Green Vehicles Initiative Association) in Brussels.

Dr. Evangelia Portouli, Institute of Communication & Computer Systems (ICCS) presented the ELVITEN results at the conference.

The conference explored the results of transport research in various areas such as green vehicles, safety and automated road transport. Projects funded by Horizon 2020 presented what they have discovered, how they tackled the hurdles and resolved them and what are the next research steps in the fields covered by their activities.

The session ‘New mobility paradigm, new vehicles, how could the mobility of tomorrow look like?’ featured five H2020 projects: ELVITEN, MoTiV, STARS, STEVE and WEEVIL.

After each session, a dedicated Q&A session raised interesting discussions and conclusions on ELVITEN developments:

  • In Rome, users are not aware of the scooter’s functionalities and do not know that a driver’s license and a helmet is required for the usage.
  • Users of scooters/e-bikes and three-wheelers tend to be younger, while 4-wheelers rather represent retired people.
  • The collected data implies that scooters/e-bikes and three-wheelers are better for sharing, 4 wheelers seem to more efficient in being owned.
  • Collecting data on shared e-mobility services is not hindering customers from using them. However, in general, private users (owners) are not keen on letting their data being collected for research purposes.

Recordings of the sessions and presentations can be found on the website.

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