On 3 December 2019, the Polytechnic University of Bari and the Commune of Bari jointly organised the second ELVITEN city workshop in the facilities of the Bari museum of photography.

After a welcoming speech, the workshop introduced sustainable mobility and European projects on smart mobility in Bari. Among others, the project ‘M.U.V.T. – Mobilità Urbana Vivibile e Tecnologica’ was presented, which is another running sustainable mobility project in the city. Afterward, a general overview of the ELVITEN project was given to the 34 participants, following by the technical details of all EL-V’s with a special emphasis on the ones used in Bari.

In the last sessions of the workshop, the first results and the performance of Bari as a pilot site were reviewed. The report presented the involved companies in the demonstration phase, showing the operative e-bikes and the vehicles that need to be ensured to be in circulation and the total number of trips done for each company, showing the trips traveled by each vehicle, the distance and the last trips done. In Bari, the vehicles are offered by the Polytechnic University of Bari via long term rental service for employees of public authority and companies. For the pilot test, 10 vehicles are offered for public sharing managed by the municipality and 65 vehicles for the rental services.

The workshop ended with brainstorming discussions on the next steps and future actions in order to summarise what should be done for the success of the ELVITEN pilot test in Bari.


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