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ELVITEN demonstrates the usefulness of light electrified vehicles for urban transportation. Our focus is on bicycles, scooters, tricycles and quadricycles (EL-VS). We work for more innovative, more sustainable and more connected urban mobility in Europe.


Bari Welcomes ELVITEN

The city of Bari and ELVITEN have joined forces to share knowledge and enlarge the network of this European funded project. In order to receive support, Regional Support Groups (RSG) focus on engaging associations, companies and authorities outside of the ELVITEN consortium. Those include bodies interested in electromobility, such as: electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, charging point operators, road infrastructure operators, public authorities, electrical distribution system operators and service providers. Several stakeholders have been invited by the ELVITEN partners in six project cities to participate in the RSGs.

From an array of companies, institutions and bodies invited by our project partner, Polytechnic University of Bari, six have decided to extend their support. Among the supporters who have signed the RSG agreements, there are entities such as Politecnico di Bari, FIAB BARI, Pin Bike and AutoLogos, whom promote a more sustainable and innovative approach to mobility. Here is a closer look at our partners & what they do:

The support of this Italian city represents a major milestone for ELVITEN. The main goal is to encourage the use of Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) in daily Italian mobility. The members of the RSG gain visibility in the Italian region as well as satisfy the purpose of the project. They do this by providing a better understanding of market needs and expectations.

Visibility and exposure of member brands is another benefit of this collaboration. This will occur through the ELVITEN website, events, social media and project channels. Furthermore, members will be informed of any project developments via meetings & workshops.

ELVITEN welcomes the following supporters:

Stakeholders in Regional Support Group Ready

Berlin, the German capital, is one of the 7 ELVITEN pilot sites. Boasting 3.5 million inhabitants with multiple electric car sharing companies throughout the city, ELVITEN provides free testing and integration of charging networks. Berlin is also one of the pilot sites that will begin the testing of 10 electric scooters as of April 2019.

ELVITEN is happy to announce that the Regional Support Group (RSG) of Berlin has been put together and the agreements have been signed. This constitutes a major step towards the objective of the project which is encouraging the urban population and fleet operators to incorporating Electric Light Vehicles into their daily lives and consequently make their use more popular.

We are happy to welcome the following partners to the RSG of Berlin:

Our partners are all committed to making the future more sustainable. Here is a quick look at how:

  • Forschungscampus (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) promotes education and research as the foundation for the future providing the basis for leading an autonomous and responsible life within industry and society.
  • RYDIES- urban micro-mobility solutions provides a platform and business-to-business (B2B) marketplace to link mobility service providers to their customers.
  • Yoove is an agency with mobility and sustainable at its core.
  • ZIV: Zweirad-Industrie-Verbrand is a national representation of interests and the service provider of the German and international bicycle, e-bike, component and accessory industry. Initiatives such as ProFahrrad promoting cyclists and cycling.
  • eBee: smart technologies provides affordable and easily accessible  public charging stations that synergise with city infrastructure.
  • eMO: Berlin agency for electromobility brings together experts in business, politics, science and administration while supporting the initiation, execution and marketing of regional, national and international innovation of projects in the field of smart mobility.
  • EUREF Campus Berlin hosts currently 3,500 people working, researching & learning in more than 150 companies, institutions and startups around the topic of energy, mobility and sustainability.
  • LEVCON (Light Electric Vehicle Configurator) is a Berlin based company developing and selling EVs for business and private purposes with a focus on customized solutions in order to support dynamic processes in production and logistics.

The RSG serves a multitude of purposes. Members engage actors outside of the ELVITEN project consortium such as companies, authorities and associations that will support the demonstrations. This may consist of fleet operators, charging point operators, electric vehicle manufacturers, road infrastructure operators, public authorities, service providers and other organisations that are involved or interested in electromobility. This includes research organisations, academics and the media. On the other hand, all members of the RSG provide valuable feedback regarding varying aspects of dissemination in order to help clarify and understand market needs and expectations. They are also an invaluable asset in the circulation of project achievements and ensuring the visibility of the ELVITEN project.

The members of the RSG benefit from visibility through events and as active participants in the ELVITEN project. Furthermore, members will be informed about all project developments and invited to meetings & workshops with the opportunity to participate in discussions concerning the organisation of the demonstrations.

ELVITEN at the FIA Smart Cities Forum hosted in Rome

On 12 April 2019, Rome hosted the third season of the FIA Smart Cities Forum. A series of high-level conferences, the Forum gathers a variety of stakeholders to discuss how private and public actors can lead the new mobility transition. The theme of this year’s event was “Innovation in the Eternal City” and was held at the E-Motion Pavilion, Formula E circuit. Appearances were made by the HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, FIA President Jean Todt, CEO Formula E Holdings Alejandro Agag, Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, President of the Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) Angelo Sticchi Damiani, amongst many more.

In honour of the first-ever Formula E race in Rome, leaders in Development and Sustainability gathered together to share their insights regarding the future of urban mobility in rapidly growing cities. Among the topics that were discussed concerning the current challenges cities face in the field of urban mobility were congestion, pollution, lack of mobility choices and poor safety measures.

The ELVITEN project was presented by the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi along with Linda Meleo, the Councillor for Transport Policies, Dario D’Innocenti, the president of the IX Municipio & Alessandro Drago, the municipal councilor for Mobility. Rome, as a pilot city, will be the site of experimentation of e-bike sharing in the promotion of integrated and sustainable mobility. There were demonstrations using one of the 78 electric bicycles that will be available. There will be 8 e-Hubs located in the IX Town Hall, which are innovative charging stations that will also allow parking of the bicycle that can be booked through the App. There will also be other stands located near the Eur Laurentina & Eur Magliana metro stations, along with other strategic areas of the IX Municipality (such as Via di Acqua Acetosa Ostiene, Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa or Adrea Meldola, Fonte Meravigliosa). The bikes will be available for more than a year, providing an ecological and functional vehicle for rapid travel.

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We demonstrate the ELVITEN solutions to the citizens of six different cities across Europe. ELVITEN expands pre-existing electrified transport systems with light vehicles in these areas.

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