The ELVITEN project started holding a set of workshops in different cities of Europe with the aim to present the project to local stakeholders and city authorities. The first workshop took place in the city of Bari, in Italy on the 13 April 2018 and had the participation of several project partners, including the Municipality the Bari, FIA, ICCS and Kiburz.

The idea behind the workshops is to approach key local players who will contribute in the preparation of the project demonstrations that are starting late this year and that seek to introduce Electric Light Vehicles (ELV-s) to citizens in six European cities.

This week, the project held its workshops in the city of Rome and Trikala where partners and stakeholders had the opportunity to discuss on how to make mobility in European cities more sustainable and integrate different types of ELV-s such as e-bikes and e-scooters into the public transport network.

Watch the video of the workshop:


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