On 17th February 2020 International Transport Forum released a report on Safe Micromobility. The report investigates the safety aspects linked with the growing use of e-Scooters and other types of micromobility.

The increase of micromobility confronts the current regulations for urban traffic and forces policymakers to rethink them. The report considered a collection of measures to make micromobility in the urban traffic safe which included vehicle design & operation, street layout, user education and implementation of the rules. The report also questions whether the change towards micromobility be able to have potential safety advantages.

The report outlined number of recommendations for the policy makers, city planners, operators and manufactures.

In general, the report recommends treating e-scooters in the same way as the bicycles and allocate a secure space for micromobility and recommends to forbid Micro-Vehicles from sidewalks. It also encourages training mandatory for car, bus and truck drivers to avoid crashes with mircomobility users and additionally indicates cycle training must be part of the school curriculum.

The ITF report suggests that per-minute pricing models could increase the risk of speeding or to ignore traffic rules and should be replaced by per-KM or per-trip pricing models. It urges governments and authorities to define and enforce speed limits, alcohol and drug use among all participants.

It also suggests manufactures to improve the micro-vehicle design with better stability and road grip. Also, recommends making indicator lights mandatory and better protection for brake cables.

The report recommends cities to allocate parking spaces for micro vehicles near the delivery bays for support vans to park safely and the use of support vans for re-charging or re-positioning micro vehicles should be reduced, it could be done by using removable or higher capacity batteries and plug-in docks.

International Transport Forum is an intergovernmental organisation with 60 member countries, it acts as a think tank to transport policy.

To read the full report: see here

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